Just as it says: a work in progress (don’t be surprised by spelling errors or whatnot). This is not the entire opening scene, just a taste of how I intend on starting the book where the first one left off.

Unpaid Intern_2.0_Chapter 1


Click the link below to read Chapter 2 of THE CURSED:

The Cursed_Chapter 2

This is the first of what I am calling  my “Works In Progress” (WIP). The editing is rough and the characters will most likely be retro-conned (I hope I’m using that correctly) as I add more chapters and as other ideas enter the fray. I may also walk away and post other chapters from other stories if the feeling hits me. Simply put, this is my sketch book.

The_Cursed_Chapter 01

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It has been ten years since the world governments launched a satellite to neutralize all super powers, bringing to a close the Golden Age of the Optimums.

Since then, second-tier hero, Stanley Wordsby, has settled into a new life as a schoolteacher. However, FBI Agent Dawson has other plans, recruiting Stanley to reclaim a nuclear missile silo being held ransom by a who’s who of former supervillians.

Racked with guilt from all that went wrong during his superhero past, Stanley reluctantly takes the mission and is introduced to a new device – one that allows any Optimum within a one-mile radius to temporarily utilize their powers, once again.

Unable to do it alone, Stanley must recruit just the right team to go on one last mission to save the world.

But sometimes the past is best left buried in a metal box, deep down in the earth, where lazy minds have forgotten its brutality. And sometimes it takes soul-crushing, life-altering bravery – which no amount of powers can provide – to overcome a past tarnished by unforgivable mistakes and fueled by un-policed egos

As I near the final weeks of my current book, I’ve been throwing an idea around for the next one, trying to determine how feasible it would be to pull off. Therefore, I thought, why not throw the concept out there and see if I get any feedback.

Here’s the idea (all good intentions implied): I wanted to self-publish a story, starting at approximately 100 to 200 pages. The reader would pay the usual $0.99 I am accustomed to charging for my stories. But here’s where things fall into question. You see, from there, I would add chapters monthly (not raising the price of the book, but hoping to garner more readers), updating the file on Amazon and notifying previous buyers that an update had been added. This would require the reader to update their copy of the book on their device (Kindle, iPad, etc).

Along with notifying previous buyer/readers, I would also add a quick series of bullet points informing the reader of what the updates were (just so you don’t waste time updating when you may already have the latest version).

So that’s the idea, in a nutshell. My concerns with this is firstly (and the most obvious), will my day job eventually interfere with me faithfully delivering a chapter a month? Secondly, does everyone know how to update their devices (just had an idea, I could email updated ePub files to those who don’t want to deal with updating their device – or don’t know how). Thirdly, would anyone even care (but that’s more about my insecurities than anything else).

Alright, so if you have an opinion, please feel free to chime in here or on my Amazon Author Page.

And as I start figuring the whole thing out I’ll make a point to post information here.


It was officially available for purchase this evening. I’ll be adding a few sample pages on this website. Or, if you’re feeling eager to spend 0.99 cents, go here and just buy it already:

Project: Pilot Fish

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Amazon Reviews

5 Stars – This is more of a short story but there is enough internal dialog that if you pay attention there is character revelation. It set a scene that hopefully will become a series or serial since there is potential but even if it never goes anywhere it is still well worth the read.

5 Stars – I hope there will be a second book because Katie is definitely not the one to mess with! It’s going down!

5 Stars – Patrick Hurd has done a crackerjack bit of story telling. The dialog pops with a real feel for today’s generation. The action snaps with excitement, I think even better than Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy. I can’t wait to see Patrick Hurd’s next installment (PLEASE let there be another book in this series) of the Interns story… well done!

We did it! 1000 units have been sold, as of this morning. I’m excited to see the numbers by the end of the month. A big thank you to everyone who purchased!!

Pilot Fish Base

Cover Art – Work in Progress – by William Perkins

I am very proud to say that “The Unpaid Intern” has sold 750 units in the past two months. I’m shooting for 1000 before the end of the month, and it looks very attainable.

For those who have purchased it, I sincerely thank you. For those who also posted reviews or gave me feedback, I thank you even more.

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