Ever-Expanding Story


As I near the final weeks of my current book, I’ve been throwing an idea around for the next one, trying to determine how feasible it would be to pull off. Therefore, I thought, why not throw the concept out there and see if I get any feedback.

Here’s the idea (all good intentions implied): I wanted to self-publish a story, starting at approximately 100 to 200 pages. The reader would pay the usual $0.99 I am accustomed to charging for my stories. But here’s where things fall into question. You see, from there, I would add chapters monthly (not raising the price of the book, but hoping to garner more readers), updating the file on Amazon and notifying previous buyers that an update had been added. This would require the reader to update their copy of the book on their device (Kindle, iPad, etc).

Along with notifying previous buyer/readers, I would also add a quick series of bullet points informing the reader of what the updates were (just so you don’t waste time updating when you may already have the latest version).

So that’s the idea, in a nutshell. My concerns with this is firstly (and the most obvious), will my day job eventually interfere with me faithfully delivering a chapter a month? Secondly, does everyone know how to update their devices (just had an idea, I could email updated ePub files to those who don’t want to deal with updating their device – or don’t know how). Thirdly, would anyone even care (but that’s more about my insecurities than anything else).

Alright, so if you have an opinion, please feel free to chime in here or on my Amazon Author Page.

And as I start figuring the whole thing out I’ll make a point to post information here.



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