Re-NEW-able – Now for sell on Amazon!!


Renewable Cover2

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It has been ten years since the world governments launched a satellite to neutralize all super powers, bringing to a close the Golden Age of the Optimums.

Since then, second-tier hero, Stanley Wordsby, has settled into a new life as a schoolteacher. However, FBI Agent Dawson has other plans, recruiting Stanley to reclaim a nuclear missile silo being held ransom by a who’s who of former supervillians.

Racked with guilt from all that went wrong during his superhero past, Stanley reluctantly takes the mission and is introduced to a new device – one that allows any Optimum within a one-mile radius to temporarily utilize their powers, once again.

Unable to do it alone, Stanley must recruit just the right team to go on one last mission to save the world.

But sometimes the past is best left buried in a metal box, deep down in the earth, where lazy minds have forgotten its brutality. And sometimes it takes soul-crushing, life-altering bravery – which no amount of powers can provide – to overcome a past tarnished by unforgivable mistakes and fueled by un-policed egos


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