The Unpaid Intern 2.0 – WIP – Chapter 1


Just as it says: a work in progress (don’t be surprised by spelling errors or whatnot). This is not the entire opening scene, just a taste of how I intend on starting the book where the first one left off.

Unpaid Intern_2.0_Chapter 1


6 Responses to “The Unpaid Intern 2.0 – WIP – Chapter 1”

  1. 1 drphogg

    Is the next Unpaid Intern book progressing? The blog updates stopped.

    • 2 patrickhurd

      Hey drphogg,

      Thanks for messaging me.

      And in answer to your question, yes, The second installment is absolutely in progress. It is currently 6 chapters completed, but work keeps slowing my progress. I will update again soon, and promise to drive the book toward completion during this year, for sure.

  2. Any time frame for Unpaid Intern 2.0 ?? First one was a great story eagerly awaiting second installment!

    • 4 patrickhurd

      Hey Bruce,

      I have been chipping away at it, with the original intention of having it completed before the end of the year. Unfortunately / Fortunately (however one wants to take it), I’m working on a Wolverine film at Fox and it’s a 14 hour a day, 7 days a week job at this moment, with no sign of it slowing before February. But 2.0 is absolutely my focus whenever I have moments to write. I promise to have it out before you lose interest 😉

      Thanks for checking in!

      • No worries! One of my mates does set construction up in Sydney (and all over Oz really)…
        It will get finished and might be better for taking longer!!

        Cheers Bruce

      • 6 patrickhurd

        Thanks for your patience, Bruce.!

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