/ Project: Pilot Fish

Project Pilot Fish Cover


Ivy had been in hiding for years; one of several survivors of a now defunct government project, which sole purpose was to force the evolution of man through harsh, life-threatening conditions, hoping to create a new sort of super-powered being.

Now finding herself once again in the hands of the professor responsible for the horrific experiments, Ivy has given up hope.

Yet when the professor’s newest project goes awry, running amuck and leaving death and destruction in its wake, Ivy is allowed a rare opportunity of escape.

But does she take advantage of the moment and finally leave the horrors of her past permanently behind? Or does she stay and get revenge?

Of course she stays

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Can’t stop. It’s up to me. I can do this, I’ve done it before. They are just men, nothing more. And there are only seven of them.

Theophilus let Ivy’s thoughts of confidence drive him forward as he stayed on her heels. Their movement quickly got the attention of the Strike Draugr, which immediately began firing on them.

Do not stop, Theo. Stay with me. We can do this. They are but seven men.

There was such an uncanny calmness to her thoughts that Theophilus was actually starting to believe her even as the helicopter’s tracer rounds slipped past them over and over again, echoing as they thumped hard into the ground.

They reached one of the burning buses, jumping in through its open front door.

Ivy ignored the bodies of the dead children inside, reminding herself that she had seen worse. And the worse that she had seen began flickering across Theophilus’s brain, nearly tripping him up as he continued following Ivy through the bus, the tracer rounds punching holes all around them.

Ivy had her pistol at the ready as they reached the back of the bus. She kicked open the bus’s back door before diving out toward the Elites, now close enough for her to do some damage.

She got off two shots while diving, hitting one Elite squarely in the neck – dropping him.

She rolled out of her dive, coming up on one knee, while behind her, Theophilus simply jumped down from the bus, arms flailing as the Draugr’s tracers continued rocking the bus.

Don’t blink when it happens.

The bus exploded, but Theophilus did as he was told – he kept his eyes open and kept his footing firm against the concussion, scoping out the Elites, trying to anticipate where Ivy would like to see next.

The downed Elite was quickly back to his feet, joining in with the other six in directing their aim at Ivy and Theophilus. But Ivy was already on them, unloading on the lead two as she moved in and began using her fists.

Her bullets had little effect against their bullet-proof vests, much less the Elite System, as the Elites continued to get back on their feet, advancing on her over and over.

She flipped one to the ground, pressing her knee against its throat, grabbing its assault rifle, and unloading on another Elite that was getting back up again. This has more of the punch I need, she thought of the rifle.





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