/ The Unpaid Intern

Unpaid Intern Cover

Cover Art by William Perkins

This is the first of what will be a series of books.

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Overly trusting and naive Katie accepted a summer internship at a military contracted corporation, working on a nanite weapons program. But unknown to her, the program was on its last leg, and a working sample needed to be shown soon or the funding would dry-up.

So the head of the program did what any mad scientist would do in such a situation… used his unpaid intern, Katie, as his guinea pig; tricking her into unknowingly ingesting several mass-producing, self-sufficient, self-powering nanites.

After successfully forming a physical and psychological bond with the nanites, and becoming the corporation’s most valuable asset, Katie found herself the subject of brutal, inhuman testing.

But now, to escape, Katie will have to rely on the nanites’ vast database of knowledge and uncanny adaptive abilities, along with the advanced strength and speed gifted her by their inclusion into her system.


The squad of twenty-five tactical soldiers, all under Sergeant Vigon’s command, ran from Katie’s front yard over to the neighbor’s, checking their weapons as they prepared to rush in and confront her.

She fumbled with the window curtains. “I can not believe you took control of my body!”

“We had little choice due to your emotional state,” the nanites stated.

“I do not ever want that to happen again, do you understand?”

They paused before they answered, as if conferring with one another. “Yes, we understand. But in doing so we need you to start making wiser decisions, building healthier boundaries with people you encounter.”

Before Katie could rebuttal she had gotten out from underneath the curtains and found herself face-to-face with a screaming little girl, which was then followed by Vigon’s grenade landing at her feet.

“Nerve gas,” warned the nanites.

Katie scooped the little girl up into her arms and darted from the room.

The grenade went off, sending yellow nerve gas everywhere.

Katie reached the hallway in no time, the little girl still screaming and still securely in her arms as she sprinted past the girl’s concerned parents who were rushing in to check on her.

Katie stayed ahead of the cloud of gas, jumping over the second floor railing and into the living room that it overlooked.

She landed with grace and ease, gently placing the little girl on the couch before jumping out the first floor window.

The parents of the little girl looked over the railing, relived to see their daughter safely on the couch, no longer screaming but mouth still wide open in bewilderment.

Sergeant Vigon was leisurely walking down the stairs in Katie’s house. “Weapons hot!” he barked into his walkie. “Wound shots only! Repeat: wound shots only!”

Katie was now outside, running for the next house, several soldiers paralleling her along the front of the yards.

She jumped through a sliding glass door, continuing through the house.

Another nerve gas grenade crashed through a window to her right, fired from a grenade launcher. It spewed smoke as it slammed into her, sending her sideways into the kitchen and onto its table, breaking it.

She began heavily coughing as she tried to get back to her feet, the smoke quickly taking affect.

“It’s okay,” said the nanites. “We are analyzing the type of nerve gas.”

More windows shattered as more nerve gas grenades filled the house, keeping Katie on all four as she fought to stay conscious.

“Analysis complete. Initiating counter measures.”

Katie began exhaling yellow nerve gas through her nose.

Sergeant Vigon leisurely moved toward the house that he and his men were actively turning into Katie’s kill-box, watching the nerve gas overflow from the windows. “No need to wait, men,” he yelled without the assistance of his walkie. “Get in there! And remember, it’s okay to bring her back a little broken.”

His men charged forward, kicking open the house’s front door, slipping their gas masks over their faces and turning on their laser sighting. They moved in, in formation, scouring the living room for their prey.

But she was up and well, tucked behind the couch, hidden from sight, breathing the poisonous air just fine.

The nanites took the calm moment to chime in. “This is just like in the Thurid break room. But you should be warned; we currently cannot defend and attack at the same time. Do you understand?”

Katie didn’t verbally answer as she brought her hands to her face, looking at them for a second before clapping them together and sliding them off one another, creating the friction she needed.

The soldiers continued slowly moving through and scanning the house. One of them saw a glow emanating through the smoke. It rapidly moved toward him.

It was Katie.

As soon as she reached him she grabbed his forehead. WHAM! Sending electricity through his head, not killing him but shutting down his muscle functions. His body stiff as he dropped to the floor like a log.

Before the other soldiers knew what had happened Katie had removed the gas mask of a second one, causing him to hold his breath and blindly scamper for the exit.

She then dropped to one knee and began firing small electric bursts from her gun-like fingers.

Soldiers started dropping left and right, electricity running along their body just before they hit the floor.

The remaining soldiers opened fire in every direction they each individually believed Katie could be located in. Bullets ripped the house apart, random soldiers yelling out ‘re-loading’ from time-to-time until they finally began zero-ing in on their target.


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